New Site

Earlier this year, the unthinkable happened: we were struck by a pandemic. Back on February 25, 2020, when the World Health Organization declared that COVID-19 was indeed a pandemic, and the United States should prepare for when the disease arrived, not if, I could only begin to imagine the many ways the pandemic would shape my life. Looking back in my journal, all I could think about was did we have enough food? Enough supplies? How would we make ourselves safe? How would my family be safe? What about my family in NYC? My brain kept going back to a line in Ken Follett's World Without End, and advice one character imparts on another at the outbreak of the bubonic plague: "Leave early, go far, stay long."

As a graduate student whose side gig would definitely be impacted by a pandemic, I was also starting to worry about my finances.

I stopped blogging. I switched from using Squarespace to a simple Google Sites webpage. I didn't want to blog there. It's cumbersome to read blogs on that site because you have to feed it in from blogger. I didn't want to create a frustrating reading experience.

Now I'm in an okay place. Maybe not a pay-for-what-I-had-going on Squarespace place, but an okay place. An okay enough place to rebrand my site and start fresh on Wix.

Enough to blog again.

I enjoy blogging. I enjoy planning an editorial calendar. So here's how mine will go for now, because I'm going to start small (something I almost never remember to do). Each Wednesday, I'll post a new blog. Topics will include: site updates once a month (like this post), a post on the craft of writing once a month, a post on my writing journey once a month, and a post about a book I'm reading or have read that I think you might enjoy.

My goal is to keep it light, fun, and helpful.

© 2020 by Margaret McNellis